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Quick print via Google cloud print
Quick Print via Google Cloud Print – Print remotely via EDGE, 3G, 4G and WiFi.

Check out this! Quick Print Connect(Mac) helps you print to ANY Printer:
Quick Print Connect for Mac
Quick Print Connect(Mac) helps your iPhone and iPad to connect your printer attached on your mac. This lets you print documents from Quick Print app directly.

Quick Print enables wireless printing photos, documents, web pages, email attachments and more to pdf or papers right from iPad. It eliminates the need to print through computer, download or install printer drive for printing, Quick Print supports many wifi, network and local printer supports more than 1000 printer models of many manufacturers (for example: HP, EPSON, Brother, Canon, Dell, Kodak, Lexmark, Xerox, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp,…) including WiFi/Ethernet/USB printers and most of other OEM Brands.

Quick Print lets you create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers, Quick Print displays many printer options that apply to the document or image being printed. Details such as paper type, page range, print quality, and orientation are automatically determined at search time.

Using “Open In…” approach you can print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs. It just a matter of several taps to download your file via free Dropbox, iDisk or Google Docs application and send it to printer.

= Accurately print any printable file format to PDF =
Quick print many types of documents to pdf with build-in Virtual PDF Printer directly, here are the list of supported document formats: PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, Safari webarchive. 

With WiFi Driver Sharing you can upload or download files from your computer to iPad , it uses HTTP & WebDAV protocol to share its data with other computers via Wi-Fi network.

Also you can transfer documents to Quick Print using iTunes File Sharing via USB for read, print and share.

Important Note:
1. Please go to our website to check Quick Printer will works with your printer model, or you can contact us: support@iPDFApps.com
2. A Wi-Fi capable printer must be connected to the same home Wi-Fi network as your iPad device.
3. Your printers connected using Bluetooth or shared through a USB port of a Mac, PC, AirPort Base Station, or Time Capsule are not supported.


Search for an Supported printer model:
a. Support 100% AirPrint Printer, Here is the available List:

Q: It see “No Airprint printers found” on my iPhone or iPad.
A: Please open Quick Print Connect>Settings, Find Print Formats:
Change it to “application/octet-stream,application/pdf,image/jpeg,image/png,image/urf”, and “Finish” to save settings.
Turn OFF the Tun ON quick print connect. after 10 seconds, you will see you printers show up on you iPhone or iPad.

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Quick Print

Quick Print

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